Project MAP4FosterCare:

New Approaches, Practices, and Mentorship for Foster Parents and Professionals

13 May 2024 / Primary research has launched in Türkiye

PUHU has initiated the project’s online questionnaire to gather responses from foster parents. ,

This initiative seeks to thoroughly comprehend the foster parenting experience from all angles, ensuring an accurate depiction of real individuals before the training program is developed.

07 May 2024 / 3rd Meeting with Associated Partners in Türkiye

Today, PUHU organized a meeting with the associated partners of MAP4FosterCare Türkiye, KALBEN, and İstanbul Koruyucu Aile Derneği. In this third consecutive meeting, PUHU provided updates to the partners regarding the Research Work package and the research procedures. Additionally, the fieldwork guidelines were briefly presented, marking the commencement of primary research within the communities of both organizations.

29 April 2024 / Exploring Foster Care Models Across Europe: A Deep Dive

The landscape of #fostercare across Europe varies widely, reflecting diverse historical, political, and socio-economic contexts. Today we share a report that delves into this complexity, shedding light on the nuanced approaches and challenges faced by different regions.

Regional Contrasts: From the Nordic countries’ robust government-led initiatives to the Mediterranean’s more conservative approaches, the report uncovers the spectrum of foster care systems in Europe. Evolution and Transition: Post-communist countries are undergoing gradual shifts towards deinstitutionalization, with support from international organizations like the World Bank and UNICEF, aiming to boost #fosterfamily numbers and quality of care. Insights from the Survey: A qualitative survey involving twelve European countries provides invaluable insights into legislation, practices, and challenges surrounding foster care, offering a comprehensive view of the current landscape. Pathways to Improvement: The report doesn’t just highlight challenges but also offers concrete recommendations for enhancing foster care, emphasizing the rights and well-being of children, professionalization of foster parents, and systemic support structures. A Call to Action: With clear guidelines for policymakers and practitioners, the report underscores the importance of continuous improvement and collaboration to ensure the best outcomes for children in foster care across Europe.

Read more about the report’s findings and recommendations.