Puhu is an owl.

It has large eyes, a flexible neck that serves to look directly backward, and large ears with feathers that focus on sounds and locate things even in total darkness.

With these abilities, an owl is the right symbol for research and strategies.

Besides, it is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge that makes it appropriate for training, mentoring, and consultancy.

What PUHU does is likewise look in each direction and focus on each stimulus to learn, understand, and take action.

PUHU is a project, research, training, and consultancy company that aims to utilize the relationship between academic knowledge and practices, focusing on two main fields: social sciences and technology. Either as the mediator between them or the facilitator of each, PUHU proposes solutions for individuals, companies, and institutions.

At PUHU a group of social scientists from different fields such as anthropology, psychology, philosophy, management, information systems, marketing, and human resources work together and generate ideas and projects.