Project: MAP4Fostercare

The research phase of our project is a crucial step in our mission to enhance adult education by developing inclusive and comprehensive educational content. Through a series of carefully planned activities, we aim to create educational resources that cater to the unique needs of foster parents across different countries.

Objectives and Activities

The primary objective of this work package is to contribute significantly to adult education. By developing and evaluating educational content tailored for foster parents, we strive to address the needs of our beneficiaries effectively. This effort aligns with the main goals of the MAP4Fostercare project, which include creating upskilling pathways, improving accessibility, and increasing the take-up of adult education.

Our activities are designed to gather qualitative data on the parental aspect of foster care practices. This data will inform the guidelines and training content developed for professionals and mentors in the field. By raising the capacity of our partner organizations and their communities, we aim to enhance the training and coaching services they offer.


To achieve our goals, we will implement a multi-faceted research approach that includes:

1. Online Survey

We will conduct an online survey to gather broad-based input from foster parents and other stakeholders. This survey will provide valuable insights into the current state of foster parent education and identify areas for improvement.

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2. In-Depth Interviews 

Conducting in-depth interviews with foster parents will allow us to delve deeper into personal experiences and gather detailed qualitative data. These interviews will help us understand the specific challenges and needs of foster parents.

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3. Group Discussions 

Group discussions will be organized to facilitate the exchange of experiences and expertise among foster parents. This collaborative approach aims to promote peer learning and generate practical solutions that can be integrated into our training programs.

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We invite you to participate in our research phase by completing the online survey, participating in face-to-face interviews, and joining our group discussions. Your input is invaluable in helping us create educational content that truly meets the needs of foster parents and supports their vital role in our communities. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on adult education and foster care practices.