What is culture anyway?

When we borrow and adapt concepts from (other) disciplines, we usually lose track of the origins of them. We may contribute to defining and redefining these concepts regarding our domain. Then all of a sudden we may find ourselves in the middle of a chaotic mass of uses, definitions, and explanations. Let’s assume we succeeded to delimit the definition. Still, adapting and redefining concepts will surely have consequences on our decisions and strategies that follow.

In fact, the origins and the evolution of ideas surrounding the concepts may provide us a significant insight. In a changing world, we do not expect concepts to be monolithic and fixed. Still, even the concepts that are the subjects of ongoing controversies within the fields may shed some light on our understanding. If we trace the phases they have passed, we will surely be donated by the methods suggested to deal with them.

Besides we live in a world of interdisciplinary studies. Boundaries are blurred both within academia and between academia and business world. Technology and technology driven human interactions compell us to bring together scientific approaches and business requirements surrounding the concepts. Enough of vague talk. What Puhu wants to deal with is the concept and the notion of culture.