After a 15-year professional architectural career, Sibel Aksu Güngör pursued an MBA in Art Management and a Ph.D. in Anthropology, focusing her research on the practice and culture of collecting. Her doctoral dissertation, titled ‘The Collective and Individual Aspects of Idiocentric Collecting‘ was based on five years of fieldwork where she explored the relationship between cognitive processes, culture, and the material world using an interdisciplinary approach. Sibel lectured on Anthropological Theory, Psychological Anthropology, and Cognitive Anthropology in undergraduate and graduate anthropology and psychology programs at various universities in Turkey. Beyond presenting her research at scientific meetings, she also published articles and conducted seminars on non-academic platforms to make academic knowledge accessible to a wider audience. Through her work, she discovered common topics between psychological and cognitive anthropology, as well as qualitative research methods, and the practice of coaching. In 2019, she obtained her ICF certificate as a professional coach. Focusing on the connection between cognitive processes and social issues, she develops projects that offer solutions to relevant problems. She produces interdisciplinary content for training programs and projects that contribute to the fields of anthropology, psychology, and coaching. Sibel is a member of the European Network for Psychological Anthropology (ENPA), which is affiliated with the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). Additionally, she is a mother of two inspirational kids.