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    ecological architecture consultancy
  • Puhu

    design and implementation with technology


Any design for living shall be considered with its natural habitat and sustainability in mind. Environmental consciousness is a sublimal part of the design.

Organic approaches and alignment with micro-climate is required from bottom to top. Puhu analyses with the support data science technology, designs and implements new generation of living areas.

Design shall use natural materials and minimize the use of renewable resources in a way that technology replaces them as to return much of them back to the earth without harm. For some time along, Puhu also works on machine learning with structural and unstructural data collections for even better design of natural living. Adding up many tools of environmental technology with data, design evolves into more sophistication in integration with nature, living beings and architecture.

Our Services

Design Approach

Use data and tools. Don't use natural resources, minimize harmful footprint.


Learn, evolve, use less, give back to nature.

Humanized Technology

Hide the internet of things but use extensively.

Data Science Models

Make unique models by using regression and classification for predictions.


Be present. Optimize. Don't use when it is not needed anymore.

Quality of Living

Live in harmony with the nature. Secure but connected. Give back, reuse.