Projects for Utility and Humanity

We are looking at the future to understand how technology will be together with humanity through consolidation of quantitative and qualitative data for more utility and functionality of life.

Researching, Analyzing, and Reporting.

What We Do

We first listen, observe, detect the problem, and then gather data, analyze, report, propose solutions and provide consultancy for refinement.

Qualitative Analysis

We work on the detection of hidden problems in social behavior of internal and external stakeholders of your business.Our consultancy comes with an in depth analysis covering a set of actions starting with listening to you, your supporters, your employees, and your customers both online and in the flesh. After that, we observe these social partners of your business by all possible data sources to gather other relevant data. Then, we analyze and deliver a report of possible actions for the refinement.

Building A Culture

Each business has its own consequences about building a successful culture. We walk you through making that happen together with all participants involved. Our strength in this part, is in the knowledge of anthropology that asks what culture is, how it is acquired by individuals and transferred to others. Culture covers knowledge, belief, institutions, attitudes, habits, values, goals, and practices each business develops for its own. Today, culture is a controversial concept with highly individualized performances of people who interact with and around your business.

Understanding People

We work in a new branch of social science called netnography. Social media, online communities, virtual marketplaces are some of the subjects of this new dimension of ethnography. This new form of data collection covers all types of digital material. It is an alternative to investigate the phenomena manifesting "doing business online". It serves for both understanding its dynamics and generating effective strategies to master it.

About Us

“Puhu” is an owl. It has large eyes, flexible necks that serve to look directly backwards, and large ears with feathers that focus sounds and locate the things even in total darkness. With these abilities, an owl seemed like the right symbol for research and strategies. Besides, it is the symbol of intelligence.

What Puhu does is likewise looking in each direction and focusing in each sound in order to learn, to understand, and to take action. The hatch of Puhu contains a group of social scientists from different fields working altogether: anthropology, management, information systems, marketing, engineering, design, and human resources.

Well… What data do you need to be hunted?

Netnography and Technology

Anthropology is about to understand humans and the way they live. Anthropology asks what culture is, how it is acquired by the individuals and transferred to others, where it is located, and more. Culture covers knowledge, belief, institutions, attitudes, habits, values, goals, and practices. As a method for anthropology, ethnography is writing about people. It is the systematic account of people united by a common culture.

Ethnography is the collection of data by observing particular ways of lives, by listening to particular individuals and groups. It offers insight and actors point of view. That, what makes ethnography a unique way in studying cultures. In contemporary world, it has evolved to a method for institutions and companies that serves to develop strategies and to establish organizational structures that will survive changing dynamics. Migration, human mobility and emerging technologies impose the institutions and companies to react rapidly to the changes. A human based understanding is thus essential for the adaptive strategies.

On diversification with virtualization, social media, online communities, virtual marketplaces became important subjects of this new dimension of ethnography, which is called “netnography”. This new form of data collection covers all types of digital material. It is an alternative to investigate the phenomena manifesting online. It serves for both understanding dynamics and generating strategies as well as supporting new technologies blended with more applications of this new frontier in human life.

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Cultural Change Challenges for Organizations

Entrepreneurship Mindset Construction

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Our Contributions

– Software Solution Based on Real-Time Semantic Analysis of Customer Behavior through Social Media
– Social Internet of Things
– Analytical Digital Marketing system for high performance user impact
– Social Network Users’ Real Time Behavioral Model Reception and Interactive Communication Management Software System
– New Generation Business Process Management Platform
– Scenario based Enterprise Compensation and Budget Management
– NGOSS based BSS for MVNEs/MVNOs providing convergent services
– Embedded Campus and City Card Smart Payment Application
– SID based system software for Triple-Play Convergence in Media
– Platform for E2E Smart Card Production Control and Dynamic Application Management over Smart Cards
– Software System for Partner Ecosystem and Life Cycle Management based on Hierarchical KPIs
– My Social Sphere, Telecom-Social Networks in Collaboration
– Autonomic Services in M2M Networks
– Single European Open Mobile Services Area
– Intelligent Home Gateway
– Process Modeling, Measurement & Automation Platform for Prod.& Consumption in Energy Supply Chains
– Converged Ubiquitous Broadband Evolution
– Trustworthy Mobile ICT
– eTOM Based Order and Activation System For EU Telecom Sector
– Highly Scalable and Multi-Dimensional Transaction Processing, Distribution and Measurement Platform