Organizations are in search of innovation because of the rapid change in competition equilibrium in their markets. It is obvious that making a shift towards a better position in the market can be achieved by innovative solutions; not easily, but a long-lasting one with increasing revenue margins.

Many businesses are just using the work of innovation for branding their view to new and noteworthy outcomes, but it shall be a way of doing business rather than a view to it. Changing the gear to a higher one with implementing innovation into the organization is a cumbersome process to accomplish.

Consultants of PUHU are involved in different levels of implementation passages or business transformation with innovation in the organization where each case had its own constraints and require original moves to reach successful results.

In some cases, disruptive innovation is required, but mostly iterative innovation is more applicable. Starting with the awareness to stay competitive with innovation in progress, each business will have its own way of doing it right.