Entrepreneurship is a process. It starts with a glitch in the mind of one person or a group of people (in a sequence or nearly simultaneously), turns into a flood of contemplating ideas.

It shall have at least one of those ideas solidified which also shall be feasible and approachable business-wise. And then, the preparation for realization starts but the spirit and the team shall also be there to make it real. Not only writing a concrete business plan is enough to get the attention of angels, but also progress is needed.  

Consultants of PUHU have knowledge about entrepreneurship based on their own experiences and lecturing more than 500 international students in the academia where each of them has contributed to a business plan and some ventures have been founded.

“Applied Entrepreneurship” is the consultancy of a journey for the idea to become a revenue-generating business based on literature and hands-on experience, real-life trials, and errors, strategizing the growth, building the team, getting attention and funds to move forward.